Sunday, April 10, 2011

Holy crap that was a long winter.
We finally had a good sunshine-y day, and some flowers, and I could not be happier about it!! I am not pregnant, the sun has peeked through, and there are buds on the trees! Life is returning to Sweden, and the SwedeLife blog!


Liquid Pen said...

Holy Crap! Welcome spring.....and welcome back to blogland! WE love you here.

chollatree said...

I just discovered your blog and I am very impressed!
Congratulations on your homebirth and VBAC!
I also felt very compelled to write you and ask for information regarding homebirth in Sweden.
I am American and planning to move to Sweden with my Swedish partner within the next few years. I am also a newly licensed CPM and plan to start attending homebirths this year.

I have been trying to figure out how I can attend homebirths in Sweden. I have been in contact with some Swedish CNMs(from Foda Hemma) that have been helpful and also with the Nurse Licensing agency and everyone has been really transparent with information and encouraging.
We want to start our family soon after moving to Sweden and I also want to attend homebirths! This is my dream profession and life passion. This has been my only sticky point about moving to Sweden. Everything else seems like it works out..
My training was at MLL in El Paso , TX and then homebirths with CPM's.

I would love to know if you have any advice or information regarding attending homebirths in Sweden?
It sounds like a person has to be a CNM to attend homebirths. Would it be possible to work with a CNM to attend homebirths, while not being a CNM?

Any advice or information you can offer would be much appreciated.


SwedeLife said...

Hi Kat! I will have to write a post about the birth scene and this home birth here... A post of that nature has been brewing for a while anyway! I am an LM from Florida, and so far not working here, you must be a nurse to get a license and homebirth is very uncommon. I went with the home birth midwife from Denmark as she does birth the way I know and love it, more of a match for us than the few Swedish midwives doing home birth.

chollatree said...

I read what you posted about getting licensed through Denmark and I have been researching the Danish school's site all morning. I love what they said about being a midwife " as a midwife you must help keep the birthing spirits up, sometimes through long birth process."

Do you think that is something you are going to do?
It looks like an amazing training.

Thanks for your reply.

Valarie said...

I agree, that was one long winter. Here in the States as well. Hello Spring and I'm so glad you're back.

American Swede said...

Just in response to the title of the post... hell yeah, this was a long winter!!! But Spring is here!!!
ps. see you soon!

Andy said...

yay! I love spring too - it's a wonderful rebirthing. Hope you all enjoy the better weather and your pretty flowers. :D

jerseytjej said...

Thank goodness, spring came! I LOVE the winter and the cold, but even I was tired of shoveling snow.

Gabby said...

Hello, I think this may be an old post now, but i stumbled across this - homebirth hit in google. Im found in southern sweden (not pregnant right now) but wanting to and wanting a homebirth for my next. how did you go about it? I wanted it for my first but didnt know how to go about so i gave birth in the blekinge hospital instead, it was great and all natural but i would love to trust my body in my own home!

Ill check her again every week for a comment im scared to give out my email address for spam!