Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Snow!!
It's just so crazy, it keeps falling. I am secretly very pleased about this. Everyone here is sick of it, but I am just getting my fill. I was not ready for it to get slushy and melt away just yet, so I welcome this fresh fluff. Today was the perfect snow day with sunshine on a fresh layer of a light fluffy snow that was still was clinging to the trees. So pretty! As long you do not have to drive anywhere, this is fun!
So deep in the yard! Up to her thighs.
The car we seldom use is buried deep
Playing in the woods
The Neighborhood road is a Snowy Canopy
This is the corner where the snow has been pushed so high by the snow shovel that the bank is almost as high as the street sign!
The house in snow
The snow is piled up higher than the back porch
It has buried the porch swing and garden

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Soul Sisters
I got to attend my soul sister in birth the eve of my departure from Florida to Sweden. It was one sweet birth, the love so BIG. She now has three little ones, three little birds.
A gorgeous momma
Supported by many loving hands
A beautiful family
When she had a party before the baby was born, she had this song sung to her by those who love her, on her request. It was her message to YOU, you, you!! So rise up and smile at the rising sun. Our community warmly welcomes the newest baby boy to the tribe.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

SNOW!!!! There is a lot of SNOW!!!!
The view of the back yard
That's the garden and the porch swing under there....
BIG snow balls!
Sledding in the front yard
We went into town, here is the church as seen from the parking lot of the store. Notice the plowed snow ban taller than the car behind it.
Going into the store, shopping to refill and stock up, as we hear there is a big snow storm on it's way now!
Stopped at the park for some sledding
The girls in their sleds!
Down the snowy slide!
Swedebaby loves the sled! She said "Oh, wow!" after her first ride!
When we got home from this short outing, there were 3 more inches on the ground, and more to come. Glad we got some sun this year, cause this is fun, but I am sure the feeling wears off!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Can We Take It (Home) ?
Okay, this time even we have to admit it was perhaps too much luggage. Two bags per person, plus a carry on, plus a personal item, plus a baby bag, plus a stroller, plus a car seat, plus food for immediate consumption on the plane = with in airline regulation, but A LOT TO CARRY. This is us departing Florida with JUST the carry ons.
US arriving in Copenhagen with everything. Lets see, thats two rolling carts, a stroller loaded up, and rolling bag stacked up. How many trips down the elevator to the train will this take? Then, how will we get it on the train? Then off and across the open snowy platform up another elevator in the freezing snow, and to the parking lot to meet our ride? And will it fit in the van?
Yes it did.
Home Sweet Home, just 24 hours after leaving Florida.
There has been snow on the ground since two weeks before Christmas.
Nice to be back at our cozy cottage in the woods.
Now to see what was in all those suitcases 3 months, a 5th Birthday, and a big Christmas later after leaving Sweden November 20th. I am thinking they are full of mostly kid stuff. I know there is not much in the food, health and beauty, or adult clothing categories, save our new shoes and snow suits. Not even a single jar of peanut butter or a bag of chocolate chips made the cut. But lots of English language books, toys, games, DVDs did. Now to find a place to put it all. Perhaps the American penchant for excess may have infected us a wee bit on this trip. Can we take? Yes we can. Will we next time? In the stuff category no, in the glory of living department, yes. We will take a little more free space next trip, travel a little lighter. But I am still excited to see what all this stuff is. Off to unpack! What an amazing trip it was.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ten Years Ago

I was in Sarasota working in my last clinical rotation in midwife school
And I met this Swede....
Who would sometimes wear purple pants...

While walking on Siesta beach looking at stars. A retired school teacher had set up a telescope in the parking lot and showed us the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter. The Swede claims I was glowing, so he asked me "So, what do you do when not looking at stars? " I answered as we walked to his car. He ended up giving me a ride in his red convertable to my yoga class. He joined me, where it was then announced that 'Today we are doing something different, this will be a partners yoga class...." And so I found myself in some interesting positions with a man I picked up on the beach just an hour or two before..... and thus starts the story that takes too long to tell just now, that is the beginning of the even longer story of our life together.

Three Years later, we married on the anniversary of the Day we met.

With the love and support of our great families and friends

And we had the honey-iest of moons in Tahiti

Happy Ten Years!
Happy Seven Years of Marriage!
Happy 120 Months!
Happy 3650 Days!
So much love.
To many more adventures and even honey-ier moons and a SwedeLife.