Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Snow!!
It's just so crazy, it keeps falling. I am secretly very pleased about this. Everyone here is sick of it, but I am just getting my fill. I was not ready for it to get slushy and melt away just yet, so I welcome this fresh fluff. Today was the perfect snow day with sunshine on a fresh layer of a light fluffy snow that was still was clinging to the trees. So pretty! As long you do not have to drive anywhere, this is fun!
So deep in the yard! Up to her thighs.
The car we seldom use is buried deep
Playing in the woods
The Neighborhood road is a Snowy Canopy
This is the corner where the snow has been pushed so high by the snow shovel that the bank is almost as high as the street sign!
The house in snow
The snow is piled up higher than the back porch
It has buried the porch swing and garden


AnnaSara said...

love it! it got warm while we were in NYC this weekend, so now there's "hardly any" snow most places, but still piles in front of our house, since it faces north... miss you guys!
ps. we have some potential renters and are trying to fix things up quick, so now it is feeling more like we might actually move!

Courtney D. said...

Those pictures are so beautiful! I have to admit - I'm a little jealous! I would love to be there for this season .... at least for a couple of weeks! :) FLORIDA MISSES YOU AND THE FAMILY!

kollene carlsson said...

takes my breath away... it's so so so beautiful!!! xoxo