Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween not celebrated in Sweden. We had to do our own merry- making.

Our American Halloween traditions must have been imported from Ireland, where the day is observed in ways that most resembles how we do it in the States.

Here is the Swedegirl leaving for dagis/ school in her pumpkin themed TV shirt, with the leaves still showing fall colors in the front yard.

We carved jack-o-lanterns with the Swede Aunt and Cousin .... I think she' got into the spirit!

And though trick or treating is not done in Sweden, Swede Aunt talked to a few neighbors, and supplied some treats, and the children were able to enjoy a bit of trick or treating American style! This really made the Swedegirl's day, as she was soooo looking forward to Halloween and trick or treating!!!

I had not been feeling good for a few days before Halloween and had quite a headache that night, so our costume was just a simple raid of the dress up bin for the much loved princess dress. She could not have been happier, she is very into dressing up as a princess lately....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Best Days with Best Friends

It may have been early for pumpkins, but my very insightful friend knew I would really miss being with my Florida friends when pumpkin time was a bit riper. So she got the kids pumpkins, and set them up with paint. Truly lucky to have best days with best friends. This should last us a while :)

I love how he wanted to paint the whole thing one color. He also found it imperative to draw a blue line around his whole body.

My daughter wanted to copy, but with her favorite color purple.

That much paint warrants a buddy bath!

Followed by milk and honey to get in all the good stuff

And a little love, a little song and dance routine. This is so cute it hurts. They play so easily and harmoniously together.

You know how much we love you guys, right??

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gotta Get Back to The Garden...
It would not have been a complete trip to Sarasota with out a stop at The Children's Garden. It is a magical place, born of the vision of a kind and creative woman who turned an acre in urban nowhere land into a faerie land. She dreamed it would be a place where elders would come and garden while their grandchildren played.
A trip to the Children's Garden starts in the dress up room, where you can choose to be anything!
Super Guy says USE YOUR WORDS!!!!
Then follow the-follow the- follow the- follow the FoLLOW THE yellow brick road!

To the Pirate Ship in The Swamp. Beauty BerriesRed Passion Flower

Octopus Sand Pit

Taking a Ride on Snuffy the Magic Dragon

Queen of her own Compost Heap

Tired Little Fairies, starting to look a little grumpy

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Sister Mama Friend!

Here is my sweet mama friend on her 43rd with her brand new sugar pie. We have such lovely, lovely friends in Florida. We were over joyed we got an excuse to be home to welcome the newest sweet babe to the tribe, and congratulate his mama on another great year!

We sure hope we find the SwedeLife in Sweden, as we are leaving this Sarasota sweetness behind.....I helped everyone of these babes be born, and have known them since they were kickin' in the womb.

One mama friend made this quilt, and gifted it to our friends as a wedding present at the party. It's gorgeous, and the friends were stunned, and overwhelmed by gratitude for the gift!

We love you all, friends!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Didi's Birthday

Didi is what we call my grandma, the Swedegirl's great grandma. We were lucky enough to need to go back to Sarasota for our citizenship interview, and make a family wedding and her birthday party!!! Since there was a wedding, we were graced by the presence of one cousin from Arizona, and his dad who lives in town...
The girl loves to use a cane and pretend she is Didi! Here she gets to use the real thing.
Uncle thinks the cake makes a lovely bonnet :)
Make a wish!
Sneaky tasters!!!
This is the AMAZING cousin who has a removable thumb
(she talks about this often) and his lovely bride to be!
Mom, son, grandson and bride to be...and one Swedegirl very into her cake.