Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Best Days with Best Friends

It may have been early for pumpkins, but my very insightful friend knew I would really miss being with my Florida friends when pumpkin time was a bit riper. So she got the kids pumpkins, and set them up with paint. Truly lucky to have best days with best friends. This should last us a while :)

I love how he wanted to paint the whole thing one color. He also found it imperative to draw a blue line around his whole body.

My daughter wanted to copy, but with her favorite color purple.

That much paint warrants a buddy bath!

Followed by milk and honey to get in all the good stuff

And a little love, a little song and dance routine. This is so cute it hurts. They play so easily and harmoniously together.

You know how much we love you guys, right??

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Maggie said...

Ohhh, that was so sweet to see. I haven't watched the videos yet, I'll wait to show the kids. How cool though. I sure am glad you got this blog up. Hey it's 6:40 there, AM....uhhhhh pretty sure you're not awake....guess I'll go to sleep