Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween not celebrated in Sweden. We had to do our own merry- making.

Our American Halloween traditions must have been imported from Ireland, where the day is observed in ways that most resembles how we do it in the States.

Here is the Swedegirl leaving for dagis/ school in her pumpkin themed TV shirt, with the leaves still showing fall colors in the front yard.

We carved jack-o-lanterns with the Swede Aunt and Cousin .... I think she' got into the spirit!

And though trick or treating is not done in Sweden, Swede Aunt talked to a few neighbors, and supplied some treats, and the children were able to enjoy a bit of trick or treating American style! This really made the Swedegirl's day, as she was soooo looking forward to Halloween and trick or treating!!!

I had not been feeling good for a few days before Halloween and had quite a headache that night, so our costume was just a simple raid of the dress up bin for the much loved princess dress. She could not have been happier, she is very into dressing up as a princess lately....

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