Sunday, November 2, 2008

Visit from Uncle Geologist....
Halloween weekend we had our first out of town guest- Uncle John in from the UK. He's been doing some fun trips to Iceland lately, and had to come to Copenhagen for a planning meeting. We got a good slide show of the Icelandic landscape. Swedegirl was most interested in seeing the pictures of the fox that lives in his neighborhood back home. The girl warmed right up to him, calling him "Johnny" all weekend long, for some reason.... perhaps channeling his mother?????We spent a good weekend in anticipation of the election results. As americans living abroad, we were in agreement of about our feeling of- shall we call it embarassment before the world-about having Bush as the American leader. We also agreed on how much better the quality of life is for many europeans when compared to their american counterparts, in regards to healthcare, education, and basic life style. If only they knew what they were missing. Here in Sweden there are no concert fundraisers to pay for children's chemo here, or people with 3 jobs and no healthcare, and kids ride bikes freely and have nature all around them. It seems strange from afar that so many people vote against their own interests when it comes to some of the basic issues of life quality, like healthcare.
Strolling in the woods in our neighborhood. Cows at the end of the path.....

Picking flowers along the road

Heeere's JOHNNY! (He is posing in front of the bed and breakfast that is with in walking distance, if anyone wants to come visit, but have their own space!)

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