Sunday, April 10, 2011

Holy crap that was a long winter.
We finally had a good sunshine-y day, and some flowers, and I could not be happier about it!! I am not pregnant, the sun has peeked through, and there are buds on the trees! Life is returning to Sweden, and the SwedeLife blog!
And now we are three.
Kids, that is. A family of five.
I have been busy making a person, not doing much blogging.
42 weeks on the dot, on March 13th I began labor about noon and gave birth about 10pm.
We had another lovely birth at home. The kids were even here this time.
I am now a proud member of the 'mom of boys' club, and the 'I had my ten pound baby at home' club!
I am also a member of the 'I had a c-section' club from the first baby, and then joined the VBAC/ 'I had a normal birth after a c-section' club for the second child.
Home Swede Home Birth
The birth team- we hired a home birth midwife from Copenhagen, and the same doula from last birth.
Baby Hands

Finally settling in, 4 weeks later! Welcome SwedeBoy!!!