Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gotta Get Back to The Garden...
It would not have been a complete trip to Sarasota with out a stop at The Children's Garden. It is a magical place, born of the vision of a kind and creative woman who turned an acre in urban nowhere land into a faerie land. She dreamed it would be a place where elders would come and garden while their grandchildren played.
A trip to the Children's Garden starts in the dress up room, where you can choose to be anything!
Super Guy says USE YOUR WORDS!!!!
Then follow the-follow the- follow the- follow the FoLLOW THE yellow brick road!

To the Pirate Ship in The Swamp. Beauty BerriesRed Passion Flower

Octopus Sand Pit

Taking a Ride on Snuffy the Magic Dragon

Queen of her own Compost Heap

Tired Little Fairies, starting to look a little grumpy

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