Thursday, February 18, 2010

SNOW!!!! There is a lot of SNOW!!!!
The view of the back yard
That's the garden and the porch swing under there....
BIG snow balls!
Sledding in the front yard
We went into town, here is the church as seen from the parking lot of the store. Notice the plowed snow ban taller than the car behind it.
Going into the store, shopping to refill and stock up, as we hear there is a big snow storm on it's way now!
Stopped at the park for some sledding
The girls in their sleds!
Down the snowy slide!
Swedebaby loves the sled! She said "Oh, wow!" after her first ride!
When we got home from this short outing, there were 3 more inches on the ground, and more to come. Glad we got some sun this year, cause this is fun, but I am sure the feeling wears off!

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