Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blogger catch Up.

So summer is here and my friends back in Florida are torturing me on facebook with pictures of them and the friends with young children I love so very much on the beach, swimming in blue warm waters if the gulf of mexico on the beach that was just voted # 1 in the USA. It has been almost three years since we moved to Sweden, and we said we would evaluate again in three years. With a new baby, and family obligations still lingering in Sweden, it makes little sense to pack up and move back home right now, even though those beach pictures make me want to do just that. So I will return to blogging, and celebrate the life I have built here, and once again use the blog to showcase to others, and mostly myself, what makes life here so special. I must start where I left off, though, I will take you through spring in Sweden, and sift through the bazillion photos we have taken this spring and show you more about our SwedeLife!

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