Sunday, July 11, 2010

Perfect Day at our Favorite Beach in Southern Sweden
I admit I have raised eye brows at the idea of a Swedish beach, thinking it was a bit of an oxymoron. Whenever we went last summer it was windy, sea weedy, or just too cold. No Florida paradise like where I come from at least! But today was the day I realized it is no joke, you can have a sunny, sandy, almost like a Florida beach day in Sweden! But it will be like Florida in March, just nearly 80 f degrees, and the water will still give you goose bumps!

Everyone was out enjoying the good weather, it was a happy kind of crowded, everyone glad to celebrate the sun and share the beach together
Sand Dunes
Some Family
Little Cousins having some fun
Big cousins making the fun
Maybe taking their roles as mummies a bit seriously?
SwedeBaby Love
At Play in the Dunes
Sandcastle building
Now, if that water was a bit warmer than 68 or so, I would be just that much happier... I learned when we had our pool in Florida anything under 80f feels too cool for me, but you take what you can get! That is the temperature of the Gulf at my home in January, and no one but my daughter is swimming in it I assure you! When the outside temperature reaches 80 like it did in Sweden today, it is like it is 100 degrees.... so the water at least qualifies as refreshing if you make an effort to relax and just plunge in it.
I even had the fun surprise of seeing a Florida friend on walk by on the beach! I knew she was in Sweden, but did not expect to run into her at all! She lives in my old town, and will be blogging about her adventures visiting her husband parents in Sweden for the next few weeks, too, on Catching Caterpillars.


Liquid Pen said...

Yea for some beach time!

* not kidding....the word verification for this comment is "imiss" awww

sapphire said...

Oh how I miss beaches in Florida. Loved going to Delray Beach when I was small. =)

Anyway, I can't find your email address but I'm sending out a questionnaire (1 question) on what foreigners and Swedes consider lagom to be. Mainly all the bloggers I know.

I'd love to include you so email me back at ablacksapphire at gmail com.