Sunday, July 11, 2010

Midsommar on an Old Traditional Farm
We gathered for our last Midsommar celebration at a old farm where none of the buildings have been moved from their original site. Dalarna is full of old buildings, old log farm houses, but many of the farms have buildings that have been rearranged or moved.
This family home site was inhabited until the 1970's by a old man who took the position that he was born here and would die here, even when the king came to visit him to ask him to move out so it could be used as a historical site. The old buildings are examples of the construction and lifestyle of people dating back at least top the 1600s. There was a church service and a maypole raising, with our favorite fiddler troupe.

Having fika, or coffee and cakes, is a tradition as Swedish as the maypole itself.
Swedegirl finds friends whereever she goes, they went off to pick flowers for wreathes during the church service
The interior of one of the old houses
The hearth
A birthing stool!
The sleeping arrangment.
Beds of linen covered straw behind curtains in the one main room.
A woven baby bassinet basket
A first! A baby back carrier, old style. I did not know there were european back baby carrier. It has buckle straps, made of leather, and is decorated with leather hearts and stars. An ergo or beco, traditional style.
Sister in law and my SwedeBaby
The bounty of flowers Swedegirl and her new found friend picked
Raising the Maypole
She loves to find a friend wherever she goes. She loves to dance holding hands with the other little girls

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