Sunday, July 11, 2010

More Midsommar Festivities
Realize the calendar of the events section in Dalarna is two newspaper pages long with listings of maypole raisings and midsommar events through out the region. Before I go on about the rest of the summer, I have to finish telling the story of how we were initiated into Swedish summer this year.....

We went to a traditional performance and concert and maypole held on a gorgeous hilltop with views over Dalarna
Singing and Dancing
Beautiful Costumes
The children getting ready for the Maypole as a storm gathers

Storm moving in
The concert went on
The children rehearsing for the maypole, waiting for the concert to be over
Lining Up
When it was finally time to raise the maypole the rain came pouring down! Maypole raising called on account of torrential rains!
No problem, we are headed to the next maypole that night anyway!!!
The Girls
Her first Real Midsommer to participate in the Festivities
Dancing around the maypole once again
The scene from afar
Maypole at the Community House in the larger village
Dancing !
The Musicians, our local favorites!
My sister- and mother- in law have traditional costumes from the region of Dalarna they are from, made by my mother in law

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