Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Strawberry Picking!
I love the Swedish word for strawberries- Jordgubbar- or little earth gnomes. Swedes take great pride in their berries, their summer berries must be Swedish, as they will argue strongly no others are as sweet.
It would not be a Swedish summer with out loads of strawberries, and it would not be a mom blog with out a post about strawberry berry picking!!! So dear reader, here you get to see how we covered our bases!! Really, what could be sweeter?

Out in a field of berries next to the grains
Under a pretty clear blue sky
Out on the edge of town where the food comes from
You can pick your own sweet little earth gnome strawberries.
The bushes were packed
The baby learned the best part of picking your own is eating bunches of sun warmed berries in the field
The Momma
The berries!
7 kilos and then some, about 16 pounds, for 186 kronors or 25 dollars
The plan? Eat them up, and freeze the rest for smoothies!

1 comment:

Rose said...

Yum! What's the Swedish policy on pesticides and chemical fertilizers? Better than ours, I'm sure.

Love that photo of you. For some reason, it strikes me as the kind of photo Swede Girl will have a copy of when she is grown and on her own, as a memory of that day. It just seems to really capture your personality.