Sunday, June 20, 2010

So this is how Summer Begins
That's summer laziness, full speed ahead, to you.

The folks we made the beach home exchange with in January are coming to stay in our house while we head out to visit Farfar and the fam in Dalarna for Midsommar. The last few weeks have been full of getting finishing touches on the house... we have been there almost two years now. Which means we are essentially settled but have lots of nice details to fill in yet. You see your house differently when you have to get it ready for someone to open the kitchen drawers.

Getting the summer hammock up
Enjoying any bit of warm we get, the water balloon stash
Discovering the wonder of the garden hose
Wouldn't you know the sink faucet cracked when trying to replace a gasket the day before we left people to stay at the house. So while Swededaddy played plumber and installed a new faucet, the girls and I headed to the village pool. It was actually really nice, even though the day before I had sworn it was too freezing for me to think about swimming for another month at least.
Baby's first shot at the wading pool, she loved it!
It was an ice cream day
Finally headed out way later than expected, so we stopped at a Stuga/camp ground to over night. Sweden has these cute inexpensive cabins all over that make good spontaneous accommodations for road trips, so long as you are not traveling on a big holiday weekend when they will be prebooked. 500kr a night, and they had a restaurant that served decent food.
Last year we took the train to Dalarna, and I was looking out the windows thinking how great it would be to stop at some of the pretty lakes along the way. When this road trip turned epic, like the day trip that took three days, my wish came true. Careful what you wish for. The trip was nothing like planned, but good. Except for the all of us getting a cold part, and moving in slow motion.

Lake front camping.
Neat wood monkey bars
Sweden has lots of beaches, there is lots of waterfront on its many lakes. Great places to play with little people, as sand is always a hit and shallow water easy to manage and usually a bit warmer than the ocean. A nice way to break up a drive.

The Lake Front
Beach bums
Sticks, also always a hit
Us, on a ferry

Geraniums on the ferry
The stereotypes of a place should always be evaluated at a road side souvenir shop. As expected, Sweden is moose, trolls, vikings, and Pippi.
Oh Sweden!
Road food: smoked fish, strawberries, and shrimp.
Despite our best push, we had to face we just were still not there yet. We decided to overnight at a second stuga. SwedeDaddy and I were both feeling sick, and simply had no will to do an all night drive. This one was only 400 krs, and was bigger. You can make coffee and eat breakfast in the kitchenette before you launch again. But you have to bring your own sheets and duvet covers, which we had anyway.
Finally, day three of travel for a nine hour drive, we get there after dinner! We thought we might leave early Monday, and never left till Wednesday, and instead of getting there Wednesday night arrived Friday evening.

A three hour tour, a three hour tour.....arriving at last.
But where ever we went, there we were.
And now here we are, for two weeks, for Midsommar.
Finally free!
And yep, that is a fleece suit.
Let the Midsommar Festivities begin.

Actually, I am hoping there will be just enough time for me get over my cold first.


swedishouse said...

Oh it's lovely to be spontaneous...looks and sounds like a great road trip, apart from the cold...plenty of hot lemon and honey :-P. Hope you feel better soon. Beautiful photo's ;-)
LOVE PEACE enJOY your Midsommer celebrations
Kram Julie x

Rose said...

Those cottages look awesome. What's the price translate into in dollars?

Sorry to hear you were sick. Hope you're feeling better. We got a cold this week, too, and hopefully we'll all be able to shake it soon. We leave for NY on Saturday!

Liquid Pen said...

Always an adventure....thanks for sharing it with us!

SwedeLife said...

Lemon honey, good did it last night on your suggestion steeped over raw garlic....I was thinking I had no apothecary here but always lemon and honey!! Thanks. Rose, thats 52 to 64 a night, not cheap but way better than you can get roadside in USA 39.99 I assure you, as I have tried on cross country trips. It rained, so we were happy to not be in a tent. Have fun in NYC!