Monday, June 14, 2010

End of School Year
at The Steiner Waldorf School

The parents gathered wildflowers to bring to school then assembled 54 wreathes of flowers for the children. Which means, of course, the wild flowers are in bloom!
We rehearsed songs, and waited for the children and teachers to return from a walk. The singing began, and the children and teachers were each crowned with a wreath.
It is a fun community building event to make wreaths with all the other parents.
The parents singing to the children with some musical accompaniment.
My favorite little flower in the field
All the sweet children
The seven year olds that will move up to the next level at school were given little bundles of things on sticks they might need for their travels, and performed this little dance for everyone.

Then we feasted at our community potluck!
I love our little school.

And good news, it seems things are going to be fine for Waldorf schools in Sweden under the proposed new education law. It is expected to change some things related to teacher training, but I have been assured not to worry about the availability of this option for the future! Yay!

We are still writing legislators and waiting to hear the outcome of the vote, though, as it will determine the fate of home schooling in Sweden.


rebecca said...

What a lovely celebration...I am really looking forward to having kids someday in this country, and reading your blog makes me even more certain that this is a wonderful place to start a family. Keep up the great work!

Liquid Pen said... really ARE living your perfect Swedish dream! This has Heidi written all over it!