Sunday, June 20, 2010

Swedish Royal Wedding

Sweden is royally mad this summer. Yesterday Crown Princess Victoria was married to her commoner/ personal trainer boyfriend Daniel. So Stockholm went all out, and everyone donned their fancy hats. Like the rest of the commoners, we watched the wedding on TV and ate Folkets Bröllpstårta (click for recipe from Dansukker), the people's wedding cake, which is everywhere right now (photo from
Along with various the souvenirs of the royal couple.
The Wedding


swedishouse said...

Oh what a great idea the video...didn't think of that. May just have to add that to my blog ;-) I hope you don't mind Tack tack
Kram Julie x

BTW did you enjoy it? I confess I cried a tear...bit soppy I am x

SwedeLife said...

i was not that into the wedding, really, it has no special meaning for me, but my SIL was teary! Video, good stuff, of course!