Monday, May 31, 2010

You can call me ManBoy
Or another thing about Swedish Music...

The lilacs that blanket my front walkway are in bloom. They are pretty, but their real glory is in how they fill the air with an indescribable sweet fragrance. And since that is an unbloggable experience (at least until Apple invents the iSmell), I shall instead return to the topic of pop music.

When I see the previous post title 'Swedish Music' I am reminded that the Melodifestival deserved a blog post, but never got one. Sweden goes crazy for a few weeks watching the song contest that made ABBA famous. Facebook posts, television, newspapers and even preschools conversations were all dedicated to this national song contest that determines which Swede will go on to the Eurovision song contest.

The song that won was sweet. The singer Anna was a bit plain, and she reminded me of Jewel. But the contest had fascinating contestants like tall hot swedish blondes with wind blown hair and accordions and baton twirling europop stars , singing in ways we would make fun of in the states.

The whole idea of a song contest is quaint. Times have changed- now we have American Idol- but in Florida I would have an inner chuckle every time my Swede would reverently mention a song as the winner of The Eurovision song contest. I had never heard of any of them. It seemed so, European, and in a weird Nena's '99 Luft Balloons' kinda way and not a hip Run Lola Run Franka Potente sorta way. (Must add: I want to be Franka Potente when I grow up. Besides being beautiful and cool, my job would be to make action movies with Matt Damon). Those singers are not Swedish by the way, they are both German, but you know, they are all heard in the USA. The Eurovision contest does not make it to the USA.

It was fascinating to watch the passion the Melodifestival brought to Sweden. Even the preschoolers at Swedegirls schools were discussing it, and just the other day her neighborhood friend asked if she had gone to any performances. She occasionally mopes that she did not. Already at 5 she has her first case of keeping up with the Jones, or the Funkqvuists, or whatever....

The trickle down Melodifestival hit that stuck with our family cracks me up. The song Swedegirl was singing after school? The one SwedeDaddy and I happened to catch on TV?

It makes me think of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore everytime.

If I wrote for Saturday Night Live, you would see a skit with Ashton Kutcher singing this, in his undies ala Tom Cruise in Risky Business, with the 'Sprockets'-y back up dancers like in the video doing the wave and acting out 'halo on my head', and he would get that inexplicable gush of water, ala Flashdance, dumped on his head at the end. And of course, there would be the fake lightening, too.

As for me, you can call me ManBoy. I don't care, I'll show you how to love.


Rose said...

Does that baton twirling europop star know that his outfit is the same one Willy Wonka wears? Purple tuxedo tails and gray pants. He even has the cane! All he is missing is the top hat.

This whole post is hilarious. And I mean that in the most respectful way. Europe may as well be another planet to us Americans....

SwedeLife said...

Ha, ha...I knew the get up was strangely familiar but had not placed it. He thought he signed up for the WonkaVision song contest.

AnnaSara said...

OMG, YEAH!! What is UP with ManBoy?! I have been wondering since I heard it on the Swedish radio. "Man boy, man boy, you can call me man boy"?

When Andy and I watched the first semi-final of EuroVision, we said things like: "Wow, *these* are the best songs in Europe? These people can't even sing!" and "haha, Europe!"... But by the second semi-final, we were like "hmm, well, that one was sort-of good..."... and during the finale we were like "Wait, these songs are all so good!" and then, with a sigh, "Oh no! We've become European!".

Like a satellite, I'm in orbit all the way around you!

SwedeLife said...

About suddenly thinking the songs were good, I had the same thing happen watching the Eurovision entries, after watching Josh from the UK, Manboy starts looking pretty good. And the hot Swedish accordian players totally kick butt compared to Finland or Lativia's blondes with accordians!!

If you guys want to go anonymous on your blog, let me suggest Andy take the handle 'ManBoy'.

Jen Hancock - A Happy Humanist said...

The ending of that song has to be about one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Ever! Thanks for sharing!