Friday, June 4, 2010

Please Protest the New Education Law that will Threaten Waldorf Education in Sweden and Make Home Schooling Illegal

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Darn it, one of our favorite things about Sweden, public Waldorf School is under threat. And so is home schooling. Home Schooling is not very common or popular in Sweden, only 100 families do it. Right now, you can apply to your local board to get permission to home educate. Permission can be hard to get, but it is at least an option. Under the new law, home education will be illegal basically unless you kid is a child actor or something and can not make regular classes.

In the USA, home school is very protected as it has wide appeal across religious and cultural groups. 3% of American children are home schooled, and that is a lot of kids! People want to have a say in how their children are educated, and BE WITH THEIR KIDS. There are so many wonderful ways to learn, and families across the world are using cathedrals, libraries, and museums as their classrooms, and participating in clubs and helping the people of their communities as they teach their kids how to be a citizen of the world. Those of you reading the mommy blogs know how many beautiful, exciting, wonderful things families are doing together in the realm of home education. If only the rest of the world did too. Or the politicians making this law did at least.

I will be SO.BUMMED.OUT. if home schooling and Waldorf education are eliminated here!
Between BP ruining my whole seaside Gulf of Mexico paradise at home and Sweden wanting to eliminate Waldorf and home schooling, I am feeling grumpy.

Please join us in protesting the proposed changes.

And sign this petition:

Send a quick email like this:

We Support Home Schooling and Alternative Schools. Please keep them legal! Do not pass the provisions of the the New Education law that will outlaw home schooling and alternative schools.

I am ME living in MY.HOME.LAND and I believe in/ enjoy home schooling my children and support the Waldorf Steiner approach to education. It is important to me that all the world's citizens have the freedom and option to educate children at home or in a Waldorf Steiner School. Please modify the new education act to allow for families to home educate and allow for alternative schools like Waldorf Steiner schools.

Signed ME

To these people:

School Policy spokespersons:

Rossana Dinamarca
rossana.dinamarca @

The Social Democrats
Marie Granlund
marie.granlund @

Green Party
Mats Pertoft
mats.pertoft @

Liberal Party

Tina Acketoft
E-mail: @ tina.acketoft

Centre Party
Sofia Larsen
sofia.larsen @
ulrika.carlsson @

Margareta Pålsson
margareta.palsson @
mats.gerdau @

Christian Democrats
Gunilla Tjernberg
gunilla.tjernberg @

And or like this:

We Support Home Schooling and Alternative Schools. Please keep them legal! Do not pass the provisions of the the new Education law that will outlaw home schooling and alternative schools.
I am an American married to a Swede with two children. We relocated to Sweden to help with my husband's family, and one of the things that has made our life in Sweden very sweet and wonderful is the Waldorf Steiner Skola. My daughter was in a Waldorf daycare in USA, and being able to enter another one here made her transition to Sweden so much easier.

I am very sad to hear the new education act threatens alternative schools like Waldorf Steiner Schools. They are so beautiful and important.

I also have a friend that home schools, and many home schooling friends in the USA. This is a wonderful and successful way to educate children, people all over the world are enjoying being with their own children, and using the museums, libraries, and cathedrals of the world as their classrooms as they teach their own children via home education.

In Florida where I come from there is much support from the state for this type of education, including online distance computer schools with teachers available remotely for children of all grades to help families home educate.

It is the way of the future to work and school at home, and be part of your community and not just a classroom or office. It is important to me that this right, this freedom, continue to be available in Sweden.

Please modify the new education act to allow for home schooling, and alternative schools like our Steiner Waldorf School. Sweden should be moving forward to join the progress of the world, not moving backwards with this limitation on freedom.

Signed SwedeMama

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