Saturday, May 22, 2010

Swedish Music

I really like this blog SwedesPlease about Swedish Music.

I always find something fun there like these songs 'Aeroboy' by Brotherhood of Broken Hearts and Bear Pilot 'The Bravest Year'.

I feel more connected to this country when I know what is being done here creatively.

And speaking of the swedish music scene, my 17 year old punk rock drummer niece and her band Va!!?? just spent a weekend at a 5 start hotel participating in music clinics with bands from around Sweden after winning a regional music competition by Musik Direkt. I am so proud, these girls rock! My niece and her best friend decided to teach themselves instruments and form a band when they were 11, and have been playing together ever since.

This is their recording 'Du är inte min Hitler'/'You are not my Hitler' from last year.
In June they will be playing for their third year at Mossagård Festivalen in Veberöd, an eco- music festival held at an organic farm.

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