Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello. If I love you, have visited you, or celebrated a major holiday with you and there is no blog post about it, please forgive the omission. One, blogger is a pain with photos these days and I was kind of boycotting regular posts until I can get some software and figure out how to blog in a less frustrating platform. Second, I am on vacation and not doing lots of stuff I do when I have nothing else to do, like blog. I am hanging out with you, my family and friends instead of being on the computer! Also, around Christmas we had some camera issues and I have to sort through other people's photos to piece that time together. Anyway, I love you, and may have had some blogtastic good times with ya, but just wait till I am all by my lonesome self again in Sweden again and not with my tribe, and maybe just maybe I'll get all the cookie making, pillow fort sleeping, tree trimming, holiday-licious good times up then. xxoo SwedeMama

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