Monday, January 4, 2010

The Kitchen Goddess and The Snow
.... has these wise words of welcome posted on her kitchen wall...
What happens when you call an old friend, actually two, who I met when I worked at Outward Bound, and say you are going to stop in after not visiting them in ten years since you helped them have their first baby? She checks her calendar, looks two months ahead, and declares 'Well I have to milk a goat that day, but other than that I am free!" and offers an enthusiatic welcome.

Diana is a kitchen goddess, and her new style is Traditional Foods ala Weston Price, which means there is a lot of soaked grains and fermentation going on in her kitchen. I love a woman with a jar of beet kavass fermenting on her shelves! And tintures brewing with home grown herbs.

Her shelves were so lovely, full of homemade jams from the community garden she maintains and the friends she meets there, I just had to include some pictures.

She has always been a baker, but when we were there bread appeared like magic. She had just made two fresh loaves when we arrived, but everytime you'd turn around a friend and lovely sould would come in the door and suddenly there was a loaf gifted in love. Always enough loaves and fish, you know.

And did I mention she made us cannelonni and made the crepes from scratch (from soaked flour of course) casually while we chatted.

If you ever get caught in a blizzard like we did, and have to add a few extra days at a home along your road trip, may it be with a very good cook like Diana.

We stayed a few days and got our winter fill of snow, and when we left we saw the cars of many unfortunate people had spun off the road in the storm the night before, there were some stretches of road where it was like a parking lot on the highway.


Karen said...

sounds awesome, Heidi! I can't read that sign in its entirety... any chance you get a moment to type it out?

Tammy said...

How wonderful that you're a midwife. I get all mushy about midwives as I had two such incredibly positive experiences in Holland with midwives. (I am sure you're familiar with how common it remains to have homebirths in Holland).

If you love home-made bread, boy do I have an easy recipe for you. It nearly makes itself...I've got it in my recipe list, check it out when you're back in your own kitchen!