Friday, January 15, 2010

Whites and Blue of Winter,
in my two Homes
In Sweden, we had one big snow last year. I hear there has been snow on the ground since before Christmas and people have shoveled snow more times than they can count this month.

Our house and road in last years snow

The white here in my former home in Florida is a bit different. Temperatures have dipped into record lows of the 20's F, and people here are complaining it is really cold.

Not me.

Thanks to Home Exchange . com, we are staying on the beach, and a lovely couple who own the beach rental we have been at for the last two weeks will stay at our house when we go up north next June to celebrate Midsommar.
We may have our fair share of the white stuff here, but there is also plenty of color to liven things up as well.
And my husband is having some time to practice his parenting skills, thanks to the nine months of father leave /Papaledig he has in Sweden.
Thanks, Sweden. We love you.
But Florida, you will always have January.


lornadoone1972 said...

I love seeing my home through the eyes of others... can't wait to see you! x

kollene carlsson said...

ooooh how nice! hope to see you all! xoxo

MermaidLilli said...

I really enjoyed your pictures, especially the white/white set. But that pic of hubby and baby up in the air is so lovely!! Pure beauty!
Enjoying yourselves I see. LOVE

Tammy said...

Compliments on the photos, they made me smile...We luckily had a gorgeous day here, which was mostly spent kite-flying and walking. You can get snowed in even in the south of France, you know. I think giving Florida the month of January is quite wise, certainly by the looks of these images!