Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Still Swede.

Being busy with three kids and a lot of travel adventures, as well as some grumpy feelings about plagarism of the blog name, photo ideas, and some content have kept me off the blog circuit.

But....I am returning from a long USA trip, and my dear friend has made me swear if I am going back, I will at least show her how it is going.

So expect me back once again!

But help me out...is this a mom blog, a Sweden blog, an expat blog, a midwife blog, a food blog, or a waldorf blog? I have periodically been of the mind to tighten it up and limit my ramblings to a more concise topic. Seeing other people take my blog name and my ideas and bring them to outlets like The Local and Sweden.se makes me wonder if I should do the same. So far this blog is just me and my not very well orchestrated thoughts off handly whipped out in a quick unartful post on stolen time between nap time and dinner time.

What do you think I ought to do?


Rose said...


Alyss said...

I personally don't think you should feel any pressure to narrow your scope, unless you want to :) It's your blog, do whatchyoo want!

I personally came here through Waldorf blogs and am really interested to know more about the school your oldest daughter attends. That being said, I really love your discussions of how different Sweden is from the US and what it's like to raise a family there.

Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be an interesting read. I love your blog!

lornadoone1972 said...

Heidi, I love you and your blog just the way you are - your topics are relevant to you and your readers/friends and you can post on anything you like. When do you leave?!

Liquid Pen said...

Yea...really? your back!!!! Just do your thing...you are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I have read your blog for a long time. Being a Swede living in the US and having lived with my child in both countries, I can truly say that your lovely pictures, your description of what it is like to experience life with kids in Sweden is so great to see. You are truly finding the essence of how great it can be to let your kids experience life close to nature and let kids be kids. So, please continue

janerowena said...

Variety is good!

More blogging is good too!


Sooo lovely to hear from you ;-D
Thanks for your comment & link.
Sorry to hear that your blog has been plagiarised IN SUCH a blatant way...
If you want some input about your blog I would say to you don't go changing, I love you just the way you are...
But just do what you feel is right for you!
Glad Alla Hjartans Dag!

Naug said...

What kind of weird neighbourhood do you live in that doesn't want to have a barbecue party? :O