Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sweden in May
This is Sweden in May. It is the prettiest time in Skåne. I had to show you right now. I am doing the mega blog catch up and looking at my blog covered in winter pictures is deceptive and depressing. I must tell you how pretty it is here right now! So no matter that I am writing the easter post in drafts, let me fast forward to let you know it is green and alive here.
The Swedish flag, in Canola and Sky
The House in March from the Road
The same view two months later, in May, all lush and full of life.
The Liliac hedge
The view in our yard from the swings to the hammock
The view towards the trampoline in May
The Canopy on the walk near our house
Our Rhubarb and Apple Tree
Apple Blossoms in my Yard
At the university in Lund
So many Tulips

Hawthorn flower
So many dandelion wishes!

But the thing about Swedish spring flowers, is they are over as soon as they start. A brief and brilliant beauty. Leaving you wishing for more.


Liquid Pen said...

So beautiful! I will have to get there before you move anywhere else! Maybe next summer after we win the lotto ;)

eva i Aten said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm from Umeå, but living in Greece for many years. I stayed two years in Malmö once upon a time and I really like Skåne as well. Umeå is also a very beautiful town...