Friday, November 12, 2010

Still in Florida
While the leaves have gone and the first snow falls in Sweden, we are in the green.
With Flamingos
Friends, so many friends to see here....
Outside Play in cool and perfect weather
Palms, real and pretend
Sunny swimming
Best of Both Worlds, indeed.
How to do this annually?
And make it our life to be part here and part there?


swedishouse said...

Find someone to house swop with you for 6 months of the year?
Wouldn't that be cool?
Looks like you are having heaps of fun in the sun...
Oh what I would do to lay beside a pool/beach and feel the warmth of the sun...
The snow has arrived in Halsingland by the truck load and at least my teenage boys are happy ;-) Now that they can cross-country ski and ice-fish, and it's amazing the difference the snow makes to the darkness. I think NOVEMBER has to be the darkest and worst month...BUT Christmas is just around the corner and down-hill ski-ing YAY!
I am flying home to LONDON tomorrow...looking forward to seeing my lovely Mum and Dad.
Keep on having fun, I hope your pregnancy is going sound very relaxed.

SwedeDaddy said...

The SwedeKids are so fantastic.
SwedeToddler is soooo big. Amazing! Thanks for taking them there, so they get the best of both worlds:)
Love you and see you in a few weeks.