Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mother Blessed
This is my third pregnancy, and my third mother blessing.
Mother Blessings are a lovely tradition observed by my Florida circle of mothers. It is such a meaningful way to prepare for birth, to open for all that comes when a new soul is preparing to come to the family, the community...finding its way to earth.
Such sweetness.
Blessed and juju'd up, I am filled with love and support that will carry me through until the birthing time comes next February or March.


Rose said...

It was a lovely one!

Liquid Pen said...

Oh...I love a good happy to have the memory in my heart and my home! You have some seriously good lighty photo that altar pic.....magical

Valarie said...

I send you blessings while you wait for your new little one. Such a beautiful tradition.

Mama Bird said...

Great photos of a magical blessing. So grateful to be a part of your circle!

American Swede said...

Happy motherhood again!