Monday, October 18, 2010

Pig tails, Frost, and Family
We got Pigtails
And the Frost came hard today, sticking in the shade past noon, ending the garden season at last....
Bye Bye Garden!
We are enjoying a nice visit from our sister in law and brother in law. My camera is broke, so no pics from me on that.... But we are enjoying turning the conversation back to the things we love about Sweden, as they are new transplants to Stockholm from Washington DC, and seeing it all with fresh eyes.

Booking tickets to Florida last week relived my home sickness. I had planned to go to Florida in January, then in the summer planned to move the trip up to October on account of the pregnancy. Then I started second guessing if that was practical. After sitting with it, I realized I just need to follow through and do this trip right now. I think it was the idea of not making it to Florida this fall that had my mind spinning, thinking so much about Sweden vs. USA. It was indecision over the travels more than a general dissatisfaction about my life that was really tormenting me. I just needed to get clear that taking this trip is important. I am feeling very happy and excited to go back to visit Florida, and also very happy and grateful for my life in Sweden.

By being here now, I figured out to go there then.

Or perhaps knowing I am going there then is helping me be here now.

Either way, I feel better.


Rose said...

I love it when you think you are freaking out about something, but then once you get it resolved, it turns out to be something else entirely. What a relief.

Looking forward to seeing all of you.

Andy said...

YAY! I think you thought it through beautifully, Heidi. Being where you are is important, but so is that overall sense of well-being that can get lost in the NOW. I love that you found both! xxoo!