Monday, October 25, 2010

Down Home, and Dirty
My little travelers and I left Sweden Tuesday, and arrived in Florida late Tuesday night. We had all the luck in the world with us, it was one of the easiest trips we have made. The kids started on their regular bedtimes and wake times from day one. Monday we skipped the one year old's nap, and with a well timed DVD for the 5 year old that she watched while the one year old napped on the plane, I even got a nap on the plane. Except for that one normal nap on the plane, the kids stayed awake until 1 am Swedish time when we changed planes in JFK New York. Then they both fell asleep for the entire second flight with out a fuss. We arrived at 5 am Swedish time, or 11am Florida time, and they stayed in bed until 7 am Florida time. Off to a good start!

By day two, we headed to the library for the big bags of books I was missing, and caught an English language story time. We met a friend and her two year old, and ran into one of Swedegirls favorite babysitters, who was there with a child she was looking after. It felt good to be home, to participate in an activity in my own language, with friends and familiar faces, themes, and songs. We checked out 27 items from the long rows of books, CDs, and movies to to choose from! (I like to copy movies and CDs to bring back to Sweden.)
But our big Re introduction to our Florida Tribe of friends was the Ranch Camp Over Birthday party!

When we left Florida in February, we had a ranch camp out party for my girl and her dear friend whose grandparents have a beautiful piece of property in the Florida woods....we got back just in time to celebrate the freind's brother's birthday with a camp out at the same ranch.

I was the midwife at the birth of all these kids. It is a really special connection to see them grow.
We got to the ranch and SwedeGirl fell right into line with her favorite gal pals, to do something she has been begging me to do....Bob for Apples!
The birthday boy went head over heels for it....
Swedegirl was determined and fierce in her pursuit of an apple!
The day this boy, now celebrating his 7th birthday, was born shook the earth and brought so much love...he is the oldest of the tribe, and the love that came in with him helped us birth the wonderful community of mothers, families, and friends that gathered to celebrate this milestone.
Seven. Old enough to play a trick on everyone when he blew out his candles, surprising us with vampire teeth!
His grandparents took the whole tribe of kids on a hay ride...
SwedeBaby got busy trying to make some friends.
The kids played hard, and got so dirty.
Here they are sucking down the most American of treats, root beer floats. We are not in Sweden anymore!!!
Dirty, tired happy kids passed out in the tents after a delicious potluck dinner.
The grown ups gathered round for some no kid time in a fire circle under a very magical rainbow rimmed full moon, that cast moon shadows through the live oaks and Spanish moss...
No beer for the pregnant mama, so s'mores it was!!
T. and K. are s'mores making MACHINES. They have it down perfect.
The tent, amongst the oaks at dawn
Good morning, SwedeBaby!
And and amazing breakfast buffet.
Kids were catching toads....
The very last thing I did on our February trip to Florida was attend this little guy's birth. I got home from his sweet birth just 5 hours before the plane took off....
His family, Living in the Light.
Kids and dirt. These are a few of my favorite things....
The pack. It was so great to see my girl with her friends, and know what she was saying while she was playing.
Posing like the bad guys from Star Wars.
How to entertain a baby while you pack up a tent. He was drumming, and it was good!
Happy SwedeGirl
Dirty Feet
Calls for a bath at grandmas, and a long nap for the momma while the grandparents entertain the kids!
The SwedeLife. The Best of Both Worlds.
So glad I am here.


Rose said...

Looks like it was a great party! What's better than a pile of grubby kids?

Welcome home.

Kangaroo said...

Beautiful mama! Perfect capture of a perfect weekend. We are all so glad you're 'home.' And it would not have been the same without you there, matriarch of the village, who started it all.

Liquid Pen said...

What a beautiful post! Thank you for capturing it glad you were here to celebrate that special milestone together!

Andy said...

oh well done! I'm thrilled your visit Americaside is kicking off so amazingly! :D

Valarie said...

Welcome Home. It looks like you are having a great time in Florida. It's so good to stop by this space and catch up with you. I've been so behind lately but now it's all getting back into a nice little flow. Thanks for stopping by Rhythmn of the Home and leaving me a comment. I'm so glad we were there together. Please enjoy the rest of your time in Florida.