Saturday, September 18, 2010

Little Potato, You come from Underground.
Click here and open in a second window for a little musical accompaniment to these photos. A favorite song from the days of gazing at newborns (music player at bottom of page)
May 23 we put the spuds you see in the right foreground in the front garden.
And Sept 17th we got them out, a nice potato harvest! We thought maybe they were goners, as the greens were dead. Amateurs! That is what potatoes do, apparently. You harvest them 2 to 3 weeks after the greens die.
We had to water them through the drought in July, but they did fine with nature alone through August which was rather wet.
We planted 4 kinds.
The letters on the sign weathered away, so we are no longer sure what they were...
We found little garden friends while we harvested.
Earthworms. of my favorite swedish words, nyckelpiga. Such a fun word to say, we choose to always speak of ladybugs in Swedish.
We got 4 kid sized wheel barrows full!
64.4 pounds of potatoes, 29.3 kilos of potatoes!
Given they are 6 kronors a kilo in the market, which would be 175 kronors, we nearly made back the 200 kronors in seed potatoes we started with, ;).
Plus a little satisfaction.
Of each kind :
19.1 pounds, 8.7 kilos
9.3pounds , 4.24 kilo
22 pounds, 10 kilos
14 pounds, 6.36 kilos


Liquid Pen said...

Oh, the potato song! Makes me so nostalgic for when Jack was just a tiny guy! It's that time of year...aquanatel with the doors open..anyhow, glad you got such a great potato harvest...I guess eggs and potatoes for breakfast every morning. You could parboil, cut and freeze them ahead. Much Love!!!

Rose said...

Looks like a wonderful homecoming!

I have such major garden envy right now!

Karen said...

call me impressed!

Looks like a great harvest