Monday, September 20, 2010

Corn Harvest
So yes, we are still thinking about all that grows over here.
Corn is a summer food in USA, but it comes in quite late in the season in Sweden.
Somethings are better left to the farmers for us amateur gardeners, and corn was one. We planted a few seeds, but they did not do anything. A good crop takes space, and more know than we have. We were looking for a Saturday activity and we were in the harvesting mood after the potato pickin'. SwedeDadddy wanted to pick corn, so we found a little farm that had sold it's promised crop, and opened to the public to pick what remained of the sweet corn. They had a little ad on blocket, which is like craigslist of Sweden.

A blowy September day. It can be very windy in Skåne
Playing in the field of corn
Just 2 kronors an ear, a third of what I would pay if I was lucky enough to find sweet corn on the cob
With a little boost from her dad, Swedegirl towering over the field
We were given a wheel barrow to bring in the harvest, great fun for the girls!

A typical small farm in Skåne, houses arranged in a U to protect from the wind.
We got 50 ears, ready to freeze. Corn on the cob is one of the favorite veggies of the girl.
Tonight we ate some combined with the rainbow chard in the garden.
Mmmmmm, garden fresh rainbow chard.
Perfect for this recipe from Moosewood Lowfat cookbook for Black Bean Chilaquile which calls for corn and chard, a tried and true favorite Mollie Katzen recipe at our house.

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