Saturday, September 4, 2010

August and half of September abroad.....
We have driven and home exchanged through Germany, France and Italy for the last month.

This is us today. SwedeDaddy's new nap spot, at the pool of volcanically thermally heated water in the swimming pool in Ischia, Italy.
We are going to go snorkel and swim here, by the grottos and then enjoy the natural hot water pools by the shore.
We chased summer to Italy this year, and are loving every minute....back home next week, though. Did I mention how much we love home exchange?!


swedishouse said...


Rose said...

It makes me so happy to see you guys out there living the life so many of us only dream about!

Liquid Pen said...

Happy Summer!!!!

kollene carlsson said...

wow, how beautiful to chase something such as..... ITALY! Looks like an amazing time! I cannot wait to see more more more pictures!!! Those cliffs in Italy are quite dreamy! xoxo -K