Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home for July
Swededaddy's nap spot, the hammock
We are home in July. We worked on our chore lists and traveled in June, and plan to travel again come August. So this is our month at home, July. We are savoring the sweet summer at home, doing a bunch of nothing. SwedeDaddy is home on pappaledig, which means he is not working and we all are just together. We sleep in, eat pancakes, work in the garden, and swim. I think I left the house to do something other than pick something up at the store or go swimming for the first time in two weeks when we went out picking berries. It is enough for us that we can open the house and use the whole space around us with out having to suit people up in snow gear or keep things closed up as we must in winter. We have a nice big fenced yard, and so in summer, our house becomes a lot bigger. We mostly eat on the porch, and the kids run in and out all day.

Swededaddy takes stroller walks - bike rides to the grocery store with the girls
They feed the ducks
At home in the yard, SwedeGirl jumps on the trampoline
Eager to copy her sister, SwedeBaby gets a turn on her own trampoline. She has this until she is big enough for the large one
They play with the kids in the neighborhoodThe flowers are blooming all over the yard. I transplanted these from the abandoned garden we found....I had tried to grow some from seeds so I was happy to be gifted with this short cut!
I planted these from seed. I planted lots flower seeds, and it has been so dry precious few have bloomed.
The Roses. We are grateful to those who lived in this house before, the planted such pretty landscaping, and we have lots of roses.
The peonies were amazing this year
And this is a healthy big old stockrose, right next to the garden
It attracts bees

I have always loved these, so glad I have these pretty blue flowers in our yard. Hortensia, I think.
So we just hang out close to home......

We have had friends over for a BBQ, here is the dad playing in the back yard. This backyard set up has been good- the kiddie pool, slip n slide, and swing set next to the garden. There is a lot of hose time going on in the back yard wit hall the gardening, and when the kids are not swimming they fill the watering cans with pool water and go water the garden. Great fun for the baby, and she is doing something useful which makes her feel important.
Water spray
Splashy Swimming
Slip n sliding.....
Pool water in watering can on the way to the garden....
I found two matching elephant watering cans at various yard sales and thrift shops. This pink elephant is so cute, huh?
We have not gone many places, but when we do it is usually to swim in the local pool or lake, It usually ends in ice cream, too. We have had some sunny sandy swimmy days at our favorite nearby lake shore.

Walking in the woods. We were on a mission to collect elder flower to make saft/ elder cordial, but we were late in the season and got very few flowers, then let them go to far before we did anything with them. Oh well, next year.
Our favorite big old tree. It looked like lovers this day, the female to the right and a male to the left.
This little grasshopper hopped onto Swedegirl and stayed with her all afternoon. Here I was grasshopper sitting while she climbed the tree....
Grasshoppers were our 'animal medicine' guide on our move to Sweden. Animal medicine is a native American idea that if you are open and receptive, animals will show up in your life as a messengers of spirit, and by noticing the nature of the creature, you are being an offered a lesson for your life journey. Grasshoppers are the symbol of an opportunity to take a big leap forward, and leave old karma behind. They are considered good luck. We had a huge 3 inch grasshopper hop on us one occasion as we planned what it took to leave Florida. It was so distinct we both thought, oh, this is an animal messenger moment! While this little guy was not making such a big statement with his size, the fact that he let himself be our 5 year olds pet for about 5 hours straight left an impression! This little guy was a fun reminder of our totem grasshopper from when we moved, as our two year anniversary of arriving in Sweden is tomorrow. When I told my incredulous best friend I hoped to move, we noticed we were standing under a poster that said leap of faith. We made the leap. And here we are.

And ready for the next leaps.
We can take it!
It is my mantra, my intention to increase my capacity for joy, love, adventure, and abundance....


lornadoone1972 said...

I love your animal medicine guide was a grasshopper - they are delightful... and the blue flowers are hydrangea... another one of my faves!

Rose said...

Well put. Thanks for the inspiration. Looks like a FANTASTIC summer to me.

And I believe, if I am not mistaken, that those blue pom-pom flowers are hydrangeas. I, too, lust after them and it's just too hot in Florida for them. They will turn pink or blue depending upon the acidity of the soil!

Kangaroo said...

Beautiful. You CAN take it. That peony picture looks unreal to me. I want to be there!

Heidi said...

My first stop by what a lovely blog and cuties you have!!

Kristy Lund said...

Wow, everything looks so beautiful! And how nice to be home and enjoy the time with the family. What amazing flowers!

Kristy Lund said...

By the way, I just re-read the grasshopper animal messenger part. That is so wonderful, and how I go about life. Waiting for our animal medicine guide! Do you have a book about animal medicine that you like?