Wednesday, May 19, 2010

School Family Picnic
Just like last year, we gathered with the other families from SwedeGirl's Waldorf-Steiner School at this lovely valley for a picnic.
We go for a potluck picnic but the real draw for the children is the pond
I forgot to take pictures to show you the food. The fastest going items were hazelnut-nettles croquets, and mini pizzas. I feasted on fresh greens and radishes, and all kinds of quinoa and grain salads. One of the great things about going to a Waldorf school is the picnics have yummy gourmet homemade hippy food! And the desserts....the buffet of sweets was enough to get the kids way from the pond for a moment.
The weather was damp, but the children of Sweden all have rain suits and galoshes, or wellies as the brits call them, which are so novel to me! I have never had a pair in my life, still! The kids were prepared to romp in wet grass and splash at the pond's edge.
They were hunting for Salamaders
Very Successfully, too

The Family
Little copy cat SwedeBaby wanted in on the action, of course!
SwedeGirl, the fisherman
SwedeDaddy found a blood Sucking Leech
And some big currant snails
Heading Home
Stopping to Say Hi to the Baby Lambs
The sheep mamas were protecting the babies, so I never a got a good photo of the sweet little lambs, but the girls got a good look.


Liquid Pen said...

beautiful, beautiful posts! Loved the field of yellow happy to read this instead of the paper in the morning!

lornadoone1972 said...

Just gorgeous, what a wonderful pond and scenery and life - there you go making me homesick again! :) I still have my hunter green wellies - got to sort out some for Sebastian - perfect for Florida rain storm puddle escapades!

Valarie said...

What a fantastic looking picnic. On Whitsun everyone has everything white out but for my family, it was the start of picnic season. We would picnic in all weather.Great looking boots and those salamanders are fantastic. So glad you had a great time.