Sunday, November 22, 2009

SwedeLife USA

So thanks to the amazing Swedish parental leave policy, I am going on a road trip. We flew from Copenhagen to St. Louis Missouri yesterday to begin a three month long trip in the USA. We are starting in Ironton, Missouri where I have not been in 16 years, visiting my aunt, cousins, and grandma for the huge Thanksgiving celebration my aunt hosts every year for my mother's brothers and sisters and their children. Then we are off on a road trip for a month, and then we are spending two months- the longest, darkest coldest months of Sweden, in Florida. We will enjoy some time in water front homes courtesy of home exchanges, and a nice long stay at grandma and grandpa's house/ my parent's house.

5 Things I will miss about Sweden:
1. Christmas- with Farmor, grandma, the beautiful, non-tacky, not over commercialized holiday season with glogg, pepparkakor, Christmas markets with gnomes, and Santa Lucia
2. Knackebrod with sea salt butter, my favorite snack
3. Drinking water from the tap
4. My own bed and space
5.Deglutenized Wheat flour for my gluten free husband, having a gluten free section in every store like Sweden

Ten Things I am Looking Forward to in the USA:
1. Starbucks holiday coffee drinks
2. Breakfast restaurants
3.Seeing my friends and family
4. Getting to go to New York City for the first time ever
5.Understanding what the hell is going on around me


Johan Z said...

Aaw, you couldn´t even think of ten.... :-)

rosemary said...

Came across your site.

I am originally from Saint Louis, Mo and was im Malmo, Sweden last yr.

Some Big Lots carry pepparkakor. Not all of them carry them though.

Also now normally if they don't have it like as that name, they have various Annas cookies and one being ginger.

Anonymous said...

Like Johan, I noticed you only made it to fem, not tio.

Larry C.

IlsaSheWolf said...

You can always stop at IKEA for your pepparkor and glogg! Most major groceries in the USA carry gluten-free products, and in big cities (like here in San Francisco) most restaurants and cafes are used to accommodating gluten-intolerant customers. I hope you all had fun!