Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween

Jack O Lantern Carving
We got to pick the last of the garden bounty- our first home grown pumpkins!

We made the small one into pumpkin soup for dinner, and carved three faces into the biggest.

Trick or Treating!
We dressed up like Spiders, the baby was the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Our SwedeCousin came over for some trick or treating in the neighborhood. His mom so kindly prepped the neighbors so we could trick or treat- she bought and gave them bags of candy and warned them we would come over! Halloween is an imported holiday in Sweden, not traditionally celebrated, so while people know about it, it is a novel and foreign idea. As such, we were the only trick or treaters, but we had a neighbor having a Halloween party that had gone all out- the house was all decorated and they had carved every novelty design you can into many jack o lanterns. It looked like home...

Halloween Party!
After trick or treating, we headed off to the "Bouncy House". We  joined SwedeGirl's best friend, born a year and a day after just her like her best friend in Florida, and 200 other attendees for The American Club's Halloween Party.

We couldn't have asked for a better Halloween. Unless we'd been home, of course, there is no place like home! Though more and more I am someone with two homes, as we love the home we are making here.

(there have been some changes to blogger, the program I write this in, and there are some weird quirks going on- so please forgive the odd photo spacing and the random photo borders, can't figure it out for now!)

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Andy said...

wonderful pictures, Heidi! You guys made awesome spiders!!! I am loving seeing your pumpkins, and your babies, who are both looking way too big and grown up to be a preschooler and an infant! EEP!! see you soon sistah! xoxo