Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Fall.
And you can tell.
Here are some pictures of Fall in Sweden.

Walking and Biking in the Neighborhood

Right on cue, I noticed the leaves changing the first day of Fall when I dropped Swedegirl off for the school festival.

They made soup from food everyone brought for the nature table, and Swede girl worked with her teacher making bread shaped like the sun for their school party.

Säsa Slott- Castle in Hackeberga


The Fungus Amoungus

Small Wonders

More Small Wonders

We built our first fire of the year


Kangaroo said...

Unbelievable photos!!!! I want to come snuggle up with my babes and you and your babes next to that fire!

kollene carlsson said...

ooooooh those mushrooms are so cute! I'm sure there were little fairies hiding in the forest as well!

Selena said...


Beautiful mushrooms!