Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let There be Peace on Earth,
and Let it Begin with Me.

The level of public dialogue in the US is degrading. It's effecting people, too, I think. Folks on my old reliable email lists are starting to show the stress- people are getting defensive, disrespectful, even rude. Today people did not want to let their kids watch an address at school where President Obama told them to set goals and take personal responsibility (link). To me the level and tone of opposition to his intention to make the speech reveals the fear, racism, and absurdity of the right wing folks in the USA.

What Obama had to say was good advice we all can take. Change begins in yourself. What do you want to do to help yourself, and help the world ?

A friend says she thinks the tone of the right is like the overtired child who gives one last, loud tantrum before giving it all up and going to sleep. That they are mad it is no longer going their way. I hope she is right, and this is the last protest before a peaceful night. Still, I think our work is just beginning.

I just hope the love and inspiration that rallied people to elect Obama will triumph over the noise of all this fear. Just pass the health care reform, America. People are really dying, losing loved ones over this. Losing their homes over it. This MoveOn video made me cry.

If you did not have to worry so much about your health, or that of your family, or spend your money on the insurance (if you can get it), you could apply your creative thinking and resources to the rest of the problems that need our attention.

In Sweden, you can buy fair trade generic organic instant coffee. Fair Trade is that developed of a concept. Lund has declared itself a "Fair Trade City". There is talk and concern about human rights here, and the impact our choices make in the lives of others. There are more important things to talk about than the topics Americans like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are broaching.

This low level of public dialogue is making Americans to look like foolish brats. You are not the center of the universe. There is a whole world out there. There are more important things to think about.

Check out "The Story of Stuff"

And the USA has ignored the Geneva Convention and been torturing people(link).

But it's hard to think of all that with out vacation time, health insurance, or adequate higher education now isn't it? So you might as well shop, right? Your needing and searching might shield you from the pain. For a moment you can get lost in banality.
However, you are the 'DREAM OPERATOR" and you can choose a new dream to dream.

Because really, what else are we to do? Just as I believe the body is a projection of our inner world, I think the entire outer world is a projection of our inner world. So as part of my being 35, I am looking at ways to do simple nourishing things to have a strong body, clear mind, and good connection to my inner guidance that tells me how to proceed. It's just Maslow's hierarchy of needs- I know the USA can't get anywhere until they have some of these basic issues tackled, but then again, neither can I.

"Often people are motivated by feelings of pain, fear, and guilt into wanting to "do something to make it better". This is the ego, coming from a position of helplessness and fear, struggling vainly to eradicate these feelings. Unfortunately, this approach only perpetuates the problems it is trying to solve. The underlying cause of the world's problems is the pain, fear, and ignorance we experience from being disconnected from the power of the universe. If we continue to project the problems outside ourselves and fail to recognize the power we actually have, I believe we support the very evils we are fighting. On the other hand, if we are willing to take responsibility for our fears and deal with them, we will clear the way for being able to hear the voice of the universe with in us. If it tells us to take action, we can be sure the action will be powerful and truly effective." - Shakti Gawain in Living in the Light

In the infinity of life where I am

all is perfect whole and complete

I now choose calmly and objectively to see old patterns,

and am willing to make changes.

I am teachable. I can learn. I am willing to change.

I choose to have fun doing this.

I choose to react as though I have a found a treasure

when I discover something else to release.

I see and feel myself changing moment by moment.

Thoughts no longer have any power over me.

I am the power in the world. I choose to be free.

All is well in my world.

-Louise Hay

Since MoveOn put me in an old REM mood....

I can change.


Liquid Pen said...

Every person in America should see this post of yours!....how many people can we spread it it to? I'll be working on that! If love could spread as fast as fear over the swine flu .....

Rose said...

Amen. All of it true. My Boy didn't watch the president in class. I don't know if it's just because he's in K, or that the whole school didn't...

Sweden, here I come.

Next time could you please write something awful about Sweden? Your blog makes me think you are living in some kind of wonderland. I'm joking. Mostly.

Andy said...

Great post Heidi! I keep saying it - yes we can. It's not ME, it's US. It's not for or about or because of me, but with me. Being present, and doing a part, each one of us doing a part, that makes it WORK! Thanks for the ++ tone, though. It's easy to come down hard on ourselves (especially when we see that G'itmo vid., and some of the other stuff that we continue to ignore). LOVE to you all.

johnepal said...


johnepal said...

Oh yeah, this whole thing is making me want to leave the US, it is sickening to watch it from here, too.

kollene carlsson said...

I love you Heidi!!! You speak from your heart and say it as it is in such a funny way but sweetly is damn powerful!... and makes me cry sometimes... I get so frustrated with the heart ugly ignorant closed minded asses that surround me........