Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Birthday
My mother and my husband's father share today as a birthday.

I wish I could spit out some deep thoughts to express my gratitude and love for each of these great people. I ca never say enough to express my thanks, so here is my feeble try.

Thanks mom, for everything. I wish when I gave that speech at the big PEO thing I was more well prepared, and had a big thank you to you ready for all the help and support you have given over the years. I wish I could thank you in front of a big room of people, like in that song "Anna" by Hello Saferide (the CD I left in your car) where she is dreaming of her child, imagining her daughter would have cured HIV, married a Kennedy, and thanked her mama for all the good advice. Thank you for all the good advice. And for being brownie leader, hosting so many dinners, having great birthday parties for us, sewing curtain for me and my girls, and keeping me warm, fed, educated, transported, and otherwise taken care of over the years. It has been especially fun to see what a great grandma you are. Love you.
Thanks Farfar, for being my sweet husband's dad and helping us so much. SwedeDaddy is not around to help write this post, so from me, thanks for being my husband's dad and a great Farfar for the kids. And a fun human being. We enjoy spending time with you, thanks. Love you!

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