Saturday, July 18, 2009

Welcome Charlottte Elizabeth!

My sister had a baby July 13th, and this sweet new neice is Charlotte, from Charlotte, NC. Congratulations, sister. Charlotte and her sister Victoria now both bear the names of queens and geographial locations.
Isn't she cute?


johnepal said...


IlsaSheWolf said...

Kristi, if you are reading this congratulations on your beautiful new daughter. Victoria looks just like her mama and you all look so happy.

Andy said...

She's ADORABLE!! From the quick side view, you and your sister look a LOT alike! It's the eyes, maybe. Mazel Tov to you all!!!

Daddy-O said...

I love the babies (all of them)

sapphire said...

Congrats to your sister! And another NC girl in Sweden, me too. =)

Wanted to ask you more about that but couldn't find an email address...would you let me know.