Monday, February 23, 2009

To Florida and Back in
late January/ early February.
A study in contrasts!

We really enjoyed our Florida trip home, with the doses of sunshine, friendship, and love (and baby gear!) coming at just the right time. Late January is when dreary set in for me, the excitement of Christmas was over and the decorations were down, and the promise of green still not expected until April. So we jumped when we got the chance to go on a Florida trip, and soak up some sun.
The contrast in climates was made all the more dramatic by the fact that the day we returned, an unusual heavy snow fell on our region of Sweden. When departing Florida, after all the sun and bright colors of green and vibrance, I was wishing for snow. Thinking if we have to return to the cold, let it be beautiful, and not just gray and dreary. My wish came true, this snow is still here almost two weeks later- just getting slushy now!
Florida Sunset- Happy 9 years/ 6 Year Wedding Anniversary SwedeDaddy!
The sun over the woods near home the day we returned

Outdoor Play in Florida

Outdoor Play front yard, day we returned to Sweden

Swinging in Florida
Swinging in Sweden day we returned!
Florida Playground fun!
Sweden Playground Fun!

Backyard Wild Life in Florida
Backyard Wild Life Sweden

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