Friday, September 5, 2008

VA?!! that at the Local Library?My 15 year old niece decided she wanted to play an instrument when she was 11, and picked the drums. Her freind got a guitar. Now four years later, she is the drummer for a band called VA??! (Which, translates into What??!), and that freind is the singer- guitar player. They are awesome! They do lots of orginal songs, but also cover some Ramones, and do a punk rock version of a Brittany Spears song. They have been playing all around the region lately, so this gig at the local library was convient for us, but a bit below them, at this point. ;) I am sure she will fulfill her dream of an american tour at some point! A Talented Young Punk Swedish Girl Band? That is totally going to be big!

Being able to see her perform at events like this is part of why we moved to Sweden. Our neices and nephews are growing up fast, and if we wanted to be part of thier lives and ge to know them in their young lives, now was the time.

It is great to be able to just walk down to the local library and watch her show!

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