Monday, March 26, 2012

Jonas Himmelstrand Interview -
March 4th 2012 - Sligo, Ireland
by WellBoyFilmsIreland

Interview with author and mentor Jonas Himmelstrand dicussing his reasons for leaving Sweden for a life in exile in Finland, due to the Swedish Local Authorities' alleged persecution of his family for engaging in homeschooling. Jonas has long been a critic of Sweden's much-vaunted child-care system and has travelled the world speaking on that topic as well as the benefits of attachment in childhood development.

Jonas Himmelstrand Interview - March 4th 2012 -... by

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Anonymous said...

It seems a little sad though that the kids get so caught up in the parents' politics. I'm sure moving was stressful on them, and now they can never visit family in Sweden (I assume). I believe that Sweden should allow homeschooling and that it's backwards that they don't, but this is weird. Is Swedish public school so incredibly bad?