Thursday, June 9, 2011

Return of the Sun: Swedish Spring in Flowers
Swedish Spring is a succession of small reliefs that come with the budding of each new kind of flower.
Once the sun returns the days get longer noticeably fast.
The sunshine on the house as spring dawns
The Snodrops came out the day SwedeBoy was born, just as they came out the day SwedeGirl was born! The first flowers and the new spring babies, right in sync. They are called snow drops because of the white color, and because they might come out when there is still snow.
Our last snow came after SwedeBoys Birth, March 18th.

Winter trickers, they also come and bring the yellow color in the early spring when there still may be snow.
My first baby wearing outing into the sunny yard with SwedeBoy
The Rhubarb was starting to grow that day.
And the buds emerged on the trees powered by the rainbow light.
Then, came the crocuses.
Purple crocus, some of the earliest flowers.
The Bees came out to celebrate.
Super Daddy, carrying both kids.
The day the first daffodil bloomed in our yard, a wave of relief spread, like I been stranded on a desert island and spotted a rescue boat. Spring was finally really coming!! That yellow burst of color was promise the dark and gray days were soon over.
Yellow is happy!!!
Springtime of your Life.
In town it is warmer and the flowers come sooner, that same day the daffodils were bursting all over Lund.
There are fields of these early purple flowers in Lund.
Twelve days after the last photo above of the Rhubarb buds was taken, it has grown this much.
Once the sun starts shining, everything bursts open in the warmth and light. You feel the power of the life force when what looked dead the day before unfurls an entire perfectly formed leaf. Coming from the tropics, I never really understood the inner work that goes on in winter, and the sudden outward power of spring. Truly, in the darkness of winter things rest and take shape then, like a new baby spring forth fully formed.

I was just waiting, waiting for our baby and for the dead gray to be replaced by green. I felt relief on a deep body level when spring arrived this year!

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lornadoone1972 said...

Like you are joyful with the spring - I am so happy to have your blog back, catch up with your lovely family and to see spring through your eyes. It is my favourite season and one of the things I miss so desperately about home - the spring flowers (daffodils my fave - fields and banks of them, crocuses, snow drops...) and the coming of the spring babies, cows, sheep, etc.... much love...