Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Pleasures of Snowy Winter Days
Neighborhood Walk
Coming from Florida, where I never even owned a winter coat, snowy white days are pretty exotic to me. I have one memory of sledding, and do not think I ever ice skated before moving to Sweden. So with all this snow, we have been heading out to enjoy the opportunities for outdoor play winter presents. When first coming back from Florida in early December, getting ready to go out into the snow was so overwhelming...the boots, socks, hats, for each of us everytime. All that bending when pregnant, and in bulky clothes, was so uncomfy! Now we have our routine, and our favorite gear handy, so it is simpler. I have some great snow pants and ski boots, which makes adventuring out much more fun, even if bending over to get the boots on is even tougher with my now 32 week pregnant belly, and the snow pants stopped buttoning up some time last week. Still, it is worth it to go explore, and get some sun when it shows itself.

Blue Sky and Snow!
The road behind the house
Staying warm
A meadow behind the house
For an adventure, and to give me a chance to wrap some presents in secret, dad took the kids to Folkets Park in Malmö before Christmas. There is little area that in the summer is a splash pool, and in the winter a ice skating rink.
It is free to play on, and you can rent skates if you do not have them.
My Big Girl skoots along pretty well, admiring the more practiced and graceful skaters.
The toddler just watches....
Nearby, warm all natural blueberry and raspberry soup is sold!
Yum treat for cold little people
Folkets Park has rides open in the summer, it looks nice dressed in winter white

Closer to home there are plenty of places to take a sled out.
We headed out yesterday for some sledding
There is a nice well used sled hill in the neighborhood
Even the toddler loves to woosh down the hill
And of course the big girl does!
Dads camera was not uploaded, but even pregnant me had a couple of fun runs down the hill.

I hope this snow play will be enough to keep us busy for the next few months, as it appears it the snow will be sticking around. If it is going to be cold, it might as well be snowy, it is way more fun to play in snow than being outdoors when it is just grey and leafless and cold.

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Awesome!!! I'm loving reading about your snowy adventures.