Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree
The weekend brought sunshine and temperatures above freezing.
Which means it was slushy and wet when we headed out to get our Christmas tree!
We had been planning to go cut one in the forest, but found less motivation and energy than we planned for that day, so we went to a cut your own tree farm.
And had fun wandering amongst the trees.....
That all look a bit Charlie Brown, too me, as the Swedish Kungsgranar have these really sparse tops, which look too naked for me.
So we settled for a fundraiser tree from the grocery store parking lot to benefit the kids sports club, it was my type of tree, all full and nice on top!
JUST the right size!


Valarie said...

Ah yes, the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. It fits perfectly in your house. Please show us how you decorate it. We'll get our tree next weekend when everybody gets home for the holidays. Be well.

kollene carlsson said...

pretty tree! omg... a tree farm in the snow... does it get any better! and yes, those Swedish Christmas trees are pretty funny... I remember thinking the same when we visited one Christmas. :-)