Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nordic Sunshine
The winter sun in Sweden is not as high or as golden as in Florida, but it is magical.
Especially as it shines down the snow drifts on the farmland of Skåne in the south of Sweden
Dotted with contrasting lines of bare trees
At home, the midday sunshine in the front yard over the neighbors house
Two PM, the sun is as high as it goes, not clearing the gables on the house
Good to be home. The day we returned the skies were blue, making a beautiful contrast against the trees and illuminating the white wonderland.
Lots of snow on the swings, you can see how much has been falling.
A wish come true, knee deep snow for the girl. Winter came a month earlier than usual, but it made her wish of returning to snow in Sweden from our Florida trip a reality.
Home Sweet Home
The Backyard
Sledding on our Street
I think we have a lot of winter ahead.


Liquid Pen said...

Yea! Snowy winter wonderland! I love it......magical and crystally...

Rose said...

Gorgeous! Even though I know snow poses many challenges, I still miss the snowy winters of my childhood. It makes my heart ache that my children won't grow up with the magic of snow. Your photos are absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to seeing some snow myself soon!!

Welcome home.

swedishouse said...

A Winter Wonderland to welcome you...
Welcome Home...
LOVE PEACE enJOY all that Sno!
Happy December Days...

Alyss said...

Here is Western Oregon we don't get much snow, but the winter sunshine is still a blessing (when it shows up :) This weekend was sunny and the mountains were out, and the sun flickered through the open woods and even peeped into the dark bits of fir and cedar forest around my house. I do, do do love winter :)