Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Bazaar- Jul Basar
at the Waldorf School
The Waldorf school Christmas Bazaar provided us with the perfect chance to reintroduce the children to dagis-preschool after being away for 6 weeks.
We got to go as a family and discover how the school looked under the snow fall
And play together on the snow covered swings.
The window decorations reflected the white of the world outdoors.
This sweet pastel of a child exploring in the snow was on a wall in SwedeGirl's classroom.
The season table at SwedeBaby's dagis has changed from fall to Winter since we left.
The table in SwedeGirl's class has changed to winter, too.
Though cold outside, the Steiner inspired school always has a special warmth inside.
We were able to explore the classrooms of all the grades as there were activities through out the school.
A chalk board in the middle school had a magical winter drawing.
A table in the 7th grade classroom, where the kids did a holiday puppet show for the little ones with handmade puppets. It was a fund raiser for the big trip they will take in 9th grade, usually to somewhere in Africa.
The older children were also selling crafts they made.
Paper Lanterns
Bent Wire Wrapped Tomte
Felt Tomte
Wool Angels
Under the seasonal art work of the older children
there was glögg and pepparkakor for sale.
And a variety of homemade baked good are almost always on hand at school events.
A Seasonal Specialty of Sweden for Lucia time
Lussekatte buns
There was also a craft room where baskets of wool, felt, wire, beads, and sticks were on hand to make decorations such as these.
I met a few new English speaking families while making wool angels.
And SwedeDaddy and the Girl worked on a star of sticks and ribbon.
Tomorrow, we hope to head back to school and get back in routine of our Swedish life for a few weeks before the holiday break.


Rose said...

You're killing me! We just pulled our Tomten books out of storage, and our little tomten sits once again on our winter nature table.

That's MY kind of school disgusting cookie dough or magazine sales!

Love the number drawings...great ideas for me!

SwedeLife said...

When snapping pictures today, I informed my man they were for you. Which reminds me I forgot to post the swing with two small circle shaped was too small to be a regular seat and loaned itself to being a used in new ways, like by the feet and such....

lornadoone1972 said...

Wonderful to see you settling back in and enjoying the gorgeous snow and festive events, makes me homesick for my country's traditions! Was so lovely seeing you when you were home! x

kollene carlsson said...

my dream school for sure! wow! and of course there is a fundraiser for going to Africa... really! wow! I love it!!!!!!