Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas at School
New fallen snow was piled high today all around town and set the mood to be extra special for the JulFest Christmas celebration at TheGirls school.

The bright and drifted snow in the early morning at school
The old Chicken coop turned play house covered in snow
The kids in Swede girls class wet felted the Tomtes on this nature table earlier in the week, and all took one home.
The advent calendar at school has black paper with windows that open to reveal tissue paper 'stained glass' cut outs of the nativity scene.
One of the trees outside was decorated with pepparkakor and apples hung from red ribbon
I missed the school day celebration, but they had a special vegetarian JulBord, or traditional Swedish Christmas buffet, with soy sausage, potatoes gratin, cabbages, and various pickles for lunch. They sang holiday songs and danced around a Christmas Tree. The teacher completed telling the story of The Nativity, which has been told in parts all week long.

SwedeGirl decorated Pepparkakor in Class
SwedeBaby got a decorated Pepparkakor as a gift from the teacher. They each got a little felted animal and some hand dipped candles as gifts from their teacher as well.
Once home, Swedegirl asked to write a letter to Santa. She drew a picture of the nativity, and intends to send it to Santa. In our not overly Christian home, it was nice to see her processing the story and making it as a gift for Santa!

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